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Add New League

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To add a new League click New Interest and Org Button This will bring up the Add League Screen.


Add League



Put the league name in the League Name Group Box.


You can select the League game type from the Select Game Type Drop Down Box.


Add League Select Game type


You can do a search for the Officers of the league by clicking on Magnifying Glass Icon next to the type of officer that you want to add


This will bring up the Customer Search Screen


Customer Search


Put in the criteria that you want to search by and hit search.


This will bring up the Add League Officer screen with a list of people that meet the criteria you specified.


Put a check in the box next to the person you want to add as an officer and hit Add Button real button


Add League Officer


This will bring back the Add League Screen with the officer now displayed.



League Officer Displayed


To add the profile for the league go to the Profile Tab



Add League Profile Page


On this page you will add the League type options.


You also will set the league requirements and any remarks that you have for this league.


You can set the League Average and Age requirements by putting the lowest age in the From Box and the highest age in the To Box. The same goes for the Average From Box being the lowest average and the To being the highest average allowed for the league.



On the Schedule Tab you can add the schedule for the league by clicking Add Button


Add League Schedule Page


This will bring up the League Schedule Screen. The center name defaults to your center and can be modified for traveling leagues at multiple centers.



You can search for other centers by putting the criteria for the center that you are searching for and clicking Magnifying Glass Icon


The results will be displayed in the grid


League Schedule Screen


Put a check next to the center that you want and the name will appear in the center box.


League Schedule Screen with center


To enter the start date for the league either enter the date in the Start date box in mm/dd/yyyy format or click Calendar Icon next to the box.


This will bring up the calendar so that you can pick the date.



Calendar Drop Down


Picking the date will auto fill the day box.


Start Autofilled day


Do the same for the end date.


Next you want to put the frequency of the league by clicking on the Play Frequency Drop Down Box.



LEague Schedule Play Frequency


Now choose whether this is a travel league or not by clicking the check box



LEague Schedule travel


To enter the start time and end time for the league click Calendar Icon next to the box and choose the correct time. You can also enter manually following the same format.




LEague Schedule Start End Time




Next you will choose the participants for the league by going to the Participants Tab.


Add League Participants



To Add participants click on Add Button


This will bring up the Customer Search.


Customer Search


Enter the Search Criteria and hit enter. This will bring up the Add League Participants Screen with the customers that match that criteria.



Add League Participants


Put a check mark in the box next to the Customers that you want added to the league and hit Add Button real button


This will return you to the add league screen with all the participants now displayed.


Any notes that you have for the league will be entered on the Notes tab.


To add a note click on Add Button



Add Leagues Notes tab


This will bring up the League Note Screen


League Note Screen


Here you will enter the topic and the note for the league and hit save.