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Add New Organization Group

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To add a new organization group, click on Add Button next to Organizations. This will bring up the Add Organization Window.



Add Organization Group


On this screen you have 3 tabs. The first tab is General and this is where you will enter all the general information about the organization. You can also tell what kind of organization this is by clicking on the Select Organization Drop Down.


Select Organization Type Drop Down


You can choose from the existing types in your database or you can add a new type by clicking on Type Button.


This will bring up the Organization Type Screen.


Organization Type Screen


Here you will see all the existing organizations currently in your database and the abbreviation for that group. To add a new group just type the name in the Type Name Box and enter the Abbreviation you want for that group. Then hit Add Button real button. The new group will now be displayed in the list of organizations. Click the Close button to be returned to the Add Organization Screen. Now you can hit the Type Drop Down Box and the new organization is now displayed and can be chosen.


You can then choose the Contact Person for that organization. To do this, click on Magnifying Glass Icon next to Contact Person Box.

This will bring up the Customer Search Screen.


Customer Search


Put in the search criteria you want to search by and hit Search.


This will bring up the Add Organization Window up with the Contact Person now displayed.


The next tab is Members. On this tab, you will add all the new members to the group.



Members Tab Orgs


To add new members, click on Add Button.This will bring up the Customer Search Window.



Customer Search


Enter your search criteria and hit Search. This will bring up the Add Group Member Page with all the customers matching your criteria.



Add Group Member Box


Check all that you want added and click Add. This bring up the Add Organization Screen up with all the customers you added displayed.


The next tab is the Notes Section. Here you will enter notes for this organization.



Add organization Notes


To add a new note, just enter the topic and note.


When you have all 3 tabs entered you can hit Save to save the record to the new database.