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Birthday List Report

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The Birthday List Reports will let you pull a report with the criteria you supply. You can save and export the reports to many sources.


You can view your saved reports by clicking   New Reports Button.


This will bring up the Reports Options Screen


Report Optons Screen



From this screen, you can set the criteria for your report by filling in the information to the left.



Report Criteria


Here you will choose all the criteria to add to this report. We will start with the Personal Section.


In this section you can choose to run the report by Zip Code or Birthdate Month. If you want to market to the parents of children under the age of 14, you will need to enter a check mark in the Market to Kids Below 14 Checkbox in the Age Section.


You can pull a report on an age range by putting the lowest age in the From Box and the highest age in the To Box.


Be aware that all the criteria you choose must match or the customer will be excluded.


Example; If you choose to run a report for everyone that lives in the zip code 76210 and they were born in January and are between the ages of 18-30, persons born in March between the ages of 18-30 would be excluded because they were not born in January although they met all the other criteria.



Report Optons Screen Interest

In the Interest Section you can choose the interest group you want the search to find. By entering the group, it will narrow the search down to that group of customers. Only people belonging to that group will be included in the report.


The Date Added will let you target a group of people added to the database from a certain date range.


You can also search by people belonging to a certain organization.


Reports Game Type Profile

On the Game Type Profile you can choose what game type you want the report to include and which profile for that game type. You can also include the average range.



Reports Game Activity


On the Game Activity Tab you can choose to include certain leagues in the report by choosing the league from the drop down.


League Activity Drop Down


You can choose from your events in your database by choosing them in the Event Drop Down.


Event Drop Down Menu



You can do a report based on people that participated from a league that was played in a certain range by entering the lowest date in the From Window and the highest date in the To Window.