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Create Datasets

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Setting up Datasets


Create a dataset with your own settings


The first step is to name your dataset – for example, Balances Due. You then need to define the data column, data field type and data attribute, and set default values.



The Column Name is the field name for data you will be inputting into your dataset. This could be First Name, Balance Due, Product Purchased or Country whatever data you intend to collect. You can have up to 25 editable fields in a dataset. Each dataset has fields reserved for an email address and mobile telephone number, so you do not have to create those column names.


The Field Type is the type of data you will collect. This is relevant if you want to use the subscription form or a survey to collect data. GraphicMail allows five different field types of data to be collected: text, drop-down, tick box, radio button and hidden.


The Attribute is the characteristic assigned to the field type. For instance, if the field type is text, then the attribute is the character width of the field. If the field type is a drop- down, then it’s the drop-down that will be displayed – for example, Country or Job Description. If the field type is a tick box, then it’s the tick box choices available, for instance, languages or music preferences. If the field type is a radio button, then it’s the choices available – such as Yes/No. GraphicMail comes with predefined attributes, but you can define your own attributes by creating a drop-down unique to your account. See the Set up data options section of this manual for more information.


The Default value for each field is the content that will automatically replace any empty field. If, when sending a personalized email, there is no data in a field, the default value will be displayed. For example, a default value of 'Subscriber' for the 'First Name' field will


personalize an outgoing email as 'Dear Subscriber' if there is no first name listed in the

'First Name' field for that email address.


How to personalize an email


If you have a populated Address Book or dataset and want to personalize emails with a that content, then you need to set this up with the Editor.


Open the email you want to personalize in the Editor. Place the cursor where you want to place the personalisation tag. Click on the ‘Insert Personalisation’ drop-down and select the dataset from which you want to insert the fields, by clicking the [+] next to that dataset name.


Then select the field (e.g. First Name) that you want to insert. This will place a tag into your email. When the email is sent out, the First Name tag will be replaced with the first name that is associated with each email address in the dataset.


You can preview the personalization by going to the ‘Preview’ sub-menu under the ‘Send’ menu. You can view each personalized email one by one, or jump by multiples of 10 through your list.