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Drag and Drop Editor

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Drag-and-Drop Editor

The Drag-and-Drop editor is a user-friendly editor appropriate for novice HTML designers. No knowledge of HTML is necessary to quickly build your own template and create professional newsletters. The editor is designed in blocks for easy editing.


Select the block you wish to modify by clicking on it. Once you have selected the block, you can add content, modify content, upload images, insert any new element or duplicate the block.


Building a new template

The editor will walk you through the first steps of creating your template. First, select that layout that you’d like to use, then choose an overall style. Next, choose a header, name your template and select where you’d like it to be saved.



Editing a gtemplate or newsletter based on a template

To edit a template or newsletter, simply open the template/ newsletter and select the block that you wish to modify. If you wish to add another paragraph, duplicate the one that is there by selecting the entire box, copying it and pasting it to the area you wish for

the new box to be.


You can also change the layout of the newsletter by dragging the blocks to the location you prefer. To change the background, footer background, margins or border, select the “Page Settings” tab. Blocks may also be modifies by clicking the “Block Settings” tab and then choosing background, paddings, margins or border.