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Editing your Newsletters


Select the folder and the newsletter you want to edit from the drop-down lists. If the newsletter you see in the preview pane is the correct one, click ‘edit’ to open the Editor. This may take a few seconds.




The Editor uses logic similar to MS Word. Please refer to the Editor section of this manual for instructions.


While working on your newsletter in the Editor, make sure you save frequently. And when exiting the Editor, make sure you save your newsletter.


If you want to edit the text-only version and the HTML version, make sure both boxes are ticked. If you have both boxes ticked, the text Editor will load automatically once you have finished editing the HTML version.


If you want to edit only the HTML or the text version, make sure only the appropriate box is ticked. The text or HTML Editor will load, depending on which box you have ticked.



There are three Editors available for online manipulation of text, images and other newsletter-related requirements.


System requirements for the Editors: any Windows PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, or Firefox. GraphicMail is also compatible with the Mozilla Firefox browsers on Mac OS X platforms.