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Edit Interest Group

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To Edit an interest group, you need to click on the Groups Tab. This will bring up the Interest and Organizations that are currently in your database.


Groups and Organizations


To edit an interest group, you will need to click on Pencil Icon next to the name of the group you want to edit. This will bring up the Edit Interest Group Window.



Edit Interest Group Screen


Here you can make changes to the group and make a marketing plan based on this group. All the members of that group are displayed. You can add new members by clicking on Add Button.


This will bring up the Customer Search Window.


Customer Search


Put the criteria that you want to search on and hit Search.


This will bring up the Add Group Member Page with all the customers matching the criteria.


Add Group Member with results


To add customers, put a check mark in the name(s) you want added and hit Add Button real button.


This will take you to the Edit Interest Window, with all the added customers being displayed along with current members.


You can also create marketing plans for this group by putting the check mark in the box next to Add to Marketing Plan and then choose the plan type(s) you want to create.



Add to Marketing Plan Interest



When you have made all the changes to that group hit Save to save the changes.