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Edit Leagues

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To edit a league you will click Pencil Icon next to the league name on the League Management Tab


League Managment Page2



This will bring up the Edit League Screen


This is the General tab this is where you will view and edit all the league General information such as Game type and league officers as well as number of teams You can not change the schedule from here that has to be done on the Schedule tab


Edit League General Tab.



To edit the game type click on the Game Type drop down. You can edit the types on the options page


Edit League General Game Type





You can change the league profile on the Profile tab


Edit League Profile tab




The Schedule tab displays the league schedule for what ever center the league is at.


Edit League Schedule tab




Clicking on the pencil icon next to the center name will open the League Schedule edit page

Edit League Schedule edit




This will bring up the edit schedule window where you can make the changes to the schedule.


Edit League Schedule pop



On the  Participants tab you can view add and remove participants for this league. To add a participant click on Add Button



Edit League Participants Tab




This will bring up the Customer Search Window



Customer Search.


Enter the criteria that you want to search for and hit search


This will bring Add League Participants Screen


Put a check next to all the customers that you want to add to the league


Add League Participants this peop



Clicking the Add Button real button adds them to the league.



On the notes tab you can view, delete and add new notes for the league.


To add a new note for a league click on Add Note Button



Edit Leagues Notes Page



This will bring up the league note box


LEague Note Box


Enter your note and hit save.