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Editing a Email Marketing Plan

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To edit a Email marketing plan you need to click on  View Plans under the email marketing plans.


Email Marketing Plan Options Button



This will bring up the Email Plan Screen with all the email plans that have been saved in your database.


View Email Plans


From here you can delete or edit the Plan. To delete just click Marketing X next to the marketing plan name. If you want to edit the plan click Pencil Icon next to the plan that you want to edit.


This will bring up the Edit Email Marketing Plan screen. You will notice that the criteria to run that plan is already filled out for you in the left panel.


Edit Email Marketing Criteria


In the main grid you will you see all customers that were found to match that criteria.


Email Marketing Plan with Customers



This included all the new people in the database that match the criteria. So if you had entered some new customers since the last time you ran this plan then if they matched the criteria they would now be included in this list.


You can also change the criteria and hit FindMatches Button and the new criteria would be used to redo the list.



After you make the changes to the plan you can now save it





This will bring up the new email marketing screen where you enter all the criteria for that plan


The first thing that you need to do is enter the criteria for your plan.


There are 4 types of information that can be entered.


Marketing plan not expanded


Under each there are criteria for each section. You can edit multiple sections to get the plan that you want.  The more information you put in the more you can drill down the contacts.


Under the Personal Section of the marketing plan you can enter all the personal information for the plan you are pulling. Here you can search based on the zip code , birthdate, whether you are marketing to a group under the age of 14. ( You will be marketing to the parents of this group). You can also choose the Gender of the person as well as the Marital Status and what name source they are coming from.


Personal Marketing Plan Section


The next section is where you will enter all the interest and organization information for the plan. Again all information must match for the customer to be included in the plan. On this tab you will name all the Interest groups or organizations for that plan. You can also choose to add groups or organizations that were added in a particular date range.


Interest and organizations menu


Under the game type profile section you can enter all the game types and game profiles for the plan. You can choose from existing game types and profiles by the respective drop down. You can also choose to target based on an average range.




Game Type Criteria



Under the game activity section you can choose a specific league or group of leagues. You can also enter by event. Here you can also choose to target people that played in a league from a date range. You can choose whether you are targeting by Full time player, Team Captain, or substitute under the played as drop down. Another way to target is by people that have not played in a certain type of league in a date range.


League Inactive Criteria


After putting all the criteria into the correct sections click on FindMatches Button



This will display the New Email Marketing plan with a list of the customers that it matched to your criteria. You can see the total amount of records found by looking at the Total Count number.



Marketing Plan with people




Now that you have the customers for that marketing plan you can now either save the plan or export it to several different formats.




To save the plan for future use you need to name the plan in New Marketing Name Box then hit save to save the plan.


To export the file to one of the several formats available in Customer connect you need to click on the Format Drop Down.


Format Drop Down


Once you choose the format hit the export button


This will bring up the  Save as box


Save As Screen


Name the file and point to the location that you want the file saved to and hit save.