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Events Management

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On the Events Management Tab Home Page you can view, edit and add new Events as well as restart and view the historical data of your events



Events Managment Page


To edit the events click the Pencil Icon icon. (See Edit Events)


To delete an event click the Delete X icon next to the event that you want to delete.


To restart an existing event click on Restart the league next to the event you want to restart. This will bring up the Regenerate Event Screen




The event is regenerated and the prior events data is used to generate the new events schedule begin and end dates. The program will calculate out 365 days and then pick the closest day of the week. Example. If the event start date last session was 9/17/2011 and the event is on Monday the program will calculate out 365 days and get the closest Monday to that.


You can edit the any of the data and can change the schedule on the schedule tab if you do not agree with the date that the program generates. The participants are auto filled based up last years participants that said yes or undecided to the intent to return. If the participant said they were not returning they would not be in the rosters.


Hit save to save your changes.


All the history for your events are stored. To get to the historical data on a event click on HistoryIcon  on the Events Management Screen and this will open the Event History Screen


Events History


This screen will display all the history of the event and all historical data for the event.


You can Edit the old event by clicking Pencil Icon next to the event you want to edit. (See Edit Events)


To delete the old event click Delete X next to the event that you want to delete.