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FeedMail (RSS to Email)

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FeedMail (RSS to Email)

An RSS feed provides a list of new content and a brief description of it, along with a link to the full article. Create a “Feed” link on your site or blog and allow readers to sign up.


FeedMail fetches content from a blog, website or any RSS feed and then formats it in a stylish email template. All you need to do is supply your feed’s URL and specify how frequently you want us to fetch your feed and send it. FeedMail sends to your mailing list automatically.


Setting up a FeedMail newsletter

After you have chosen the feed you would like to send, supply a name for your newsletter. Type or paste in the rss/xml url in the appropriate text field and select a style for the newsletter.


Save the newsletter and schedule a sending time. If you would prefer to create your own XML template, you may do so by selecting “Custom XSL url” and entering your url into the space provided. Statistics for FeedMail will be saved in the Reports & Statistics tab.