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General Information Tab

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Modify Person  General Information Screen


Modify Person General Information Screen


This page displays all the general information about the customer.


The Address Status will let you know that your address has been verified or not. If there is an issue with the address, that status will be displayed.


Address Status Dropdown

Address Status Drop Down



The Contact Method Drop Down is where you can choose the contact that the person prefers.


Contact Method Dropdown

Contact Method Drop Down



The OK to Contact Buttons are important. This is where you must choose whether the customer will allow you to contact them by that method. If customer opts, out you must remove the check mark and that person will no longer be included in that type of plan.


Ok to share email

Ok To phone

Ok to contact radio buttons



The Name Source Drop Down allows you to choose where the customer came from and can be targeted to.


Name Source Drop Down

Name Source Drop Down Menu


To enter a new name source, click Name source add button. This will bring up the Add Name Source Screen.


Add Name Source Screen

Add Name Source Screen


You will see all the existing name sources and their abbreviations. To enter a new Name Source, type the name you want it called and the Abbreviation you want and hit save. The name will be added to the list.