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General Settings

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General Account Settings


Go to ‘General Settings’ to change the time zone and other miscellaneous settings.


Please note: It is important to set the correct time zone for your account, to ensure that reports are accurate.


If you want a text-only version to be created automatically for each newsletter, you can set this as a default. Older email programs (pre-1998) will see the text-only version by default. If you select this option, you need to create a text-only version of your email when you create the HTML version. If this option is selected, the HTML and text-only newsletters are 'twinned'. This is represented by the asterisk symbol * that appears next to the newsletter’s name. When a twinned newsletter is edited, the HTML version is opened first. The text Editor appears after you save the newsletter in the Editor.


Enable password on subscribe form for users with additional data

If you collect profile information of your subscribers (e.g., name, contact details and demographic information) you can enable this function. It will prompt each subscriber to

create a password-protected profile. Upon subscription, your subscribers will be asked for a password at the same time as they are asked for demographic information.


Language settings

If you are using a language other than GraphicMail’s default language, make sure you set

GraphicMail to use the proper character set.



If you would like to receive an email when a recipient subscribes or unsubscribes from your mailing list, you can enable that setting here.


Default Editor

GraphicMail has several Editors. Choose the one you would like to be used as the default here. The most recent Editor is always set as the default. All previous Editors are available though.