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Header / Footer Settings

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Header / Footer Settings


GraphicMail automatically appends an unsubscribe footer to each outgoing email. The

‘Header / Footer Settings’ menu allows you to customize this footer.


Header Settings

You can have a header appended to all of your outgoing newsletters. The header includes the ‘from’ email address and the email address you have sent to, an ‘unsubscribe’ link and a link to view the newsletter as a web page. To have the header appended, simply tick the box.


Footer Settings

The footer can be centered or right- or left-justified. Simply select your preference from the drop-down list and click ‘save’.


You can add a ‘subscribe’ link to the footer. This way, if an email is forwarded, the recipient has a means of subscribing to your list. By default, this function is not enabled.


You can also add a ‘Forward to friend’ link to the footer. If an email is forwarded using this link, we are able to track it. If an email is forwarded using the ‘forward’ button on an email client, we cannot track it.
























One-click unsubscribe is enabled by default. If you disable this, a confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm that the recipient really wants to unsubscribe from your mailing list.


GraphicMail can append a text or HTML footer. Select the version you would prefer to have appended to your email by clicking the appropriate radio button.