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Households Tab

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The Households tab is where you can view and group people that are in the same house.


Modify Person Households

Modify Person Households Screen


To add a household, click addicon  This will bring up the Household Primary Contact Screen.



Household Primary Contact Screen

Household Primary Contact


On this page you will enter the primary contact for the new Household. Hit ok to add the contact. You will be returned to the Households Screen with the new primary contact displayed.



To add other members to the household click on Pencil Icon Next to the Primary Contact


This will bring up the Add Household Screen


Add Household screen

Add Household Screen


Here you see the members that are in that household and add new members. To add a new member click Add Button


This will bring up the Customer Search Screen. Here you will enter the criteria that you are searching for.


Customer Search

Customer Search


Hit search to bring up the customers that matched your search.


Select Household Member Screen

Select Household Member


Put a check next to the name you want added and click Select.