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Import Data

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Importing Data into a Dataset


You can import data into your dataset in a file format that GraphicMail can accept. GraphicMail can handle the following file types: .csv, .xls or .xlsx.


Before beginning the import process, your dataset must be properly configured. The fields you are going to import must exist in your dataset. If you have not set up your dataset, please see the Setting up Datasets section of this manual.


GraphicMail uses email addresses as the unique identifier for each dataset, so the file you import must have an email address followed by the additional information you wish to import. For instance, in an Excel file, the row should contain: email address, telephone number and first name. To import the file, browse to the file on your PC, make sure you have selected the GraphicMail mailing list and mobile list you want to import the email addresses and telephone numbers to, and click ‘continue’.




GraphicMail will check the file you have imported and return with a screen that asks you to confirm the data columns. Select the correct data type from the drop-down list above the previewed examples and then tick the box next to it. When you have assigned the data to the correct columns, click ‘continue’.



GraphicMail will return the data column names and a couple of records that will be stored in that column. If the data records correspond with the column headings, click ‘finish’. If the settings look incorrect, click ‘change column mappings’.


After you have clicked ‘finish’, a window will appear, displaying the import progress. You will be notified when your data has imported successfully.


It is possible to change your Import Settings. To do so, click on the [+] next to ‘Import

Settings’. You can do the following:


Set the column names in your Excel sheet to be in the same order as they are within your dataset. This will allow you to import your dataset quickly, without having to select the columns.

•        Set mailing list, mobile list and dataset defaults at import.

Set import to add and update entries to your Address Book or to only update entries.

•        Set the sheet name of the Excel spreadsheet you will import.

•        Set the default import method.