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Welcome To BPAA's Customer Connect

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BPAA's Customer Connect is a tool used to perform target marketing.  The goal is to use BPAA's Customer Connect to effectively market products and services and to increase the number of times people visit bowling centers.


BPAA's Customer Connect is available to any BPAA member.  The users of BPAA's Customer Connect can be:


Independent center owners.
Chains and multi-unit owners.


The independent center owners will use BPAA's Customer Connect to:


Create a marketing database of customers and customer interests.
Market leagues, events, and other offerings.
Analyze the effectiveness of marketing plans.
Measure employee productivity.
Email Blast
Text Messaging


In addition to the above, chains and multi-unit owners will use BPAA's Customer Connect to:


Combine data from multiple centers into one database.
Market center products and services from a central location rather than from each center.


In terms of scope, BPAA's Customer Connect will execute marketing plans designed to market leagues, events, and other products to individuals or households.  BPAA's Customer Connect can also be used to keep track of who signed up for a league or event.