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Mailing List

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Mailing Lists


Email addresses are segmented into mailing lists. Each account can have up to 20 mailing lists. Additional mailing lists can be purchased if your account exceeds the limit.


Contact details can be associated with each email address. Contact details are stored in an Address Book. Each account has an Address Book.
Additional data can be associated with each email address (for example, music preferences or  past  purchases). Additional data is  stored in  a  dataset. Each

account can have up to 20 datasets.

Contact details and additional data can be added when you import the mailing list, or can be imported separately. See the section on Importing Data for more information.

•        Details can also be added one by one. See the section on Adding a single entry

for more information.

Contact details can also added by contact, via the subscription form. See the section on Subscription Forms for more information.
Variable data from the Address Book or a dataset can be inserted into a newsletter by inserting a personalisation (mail merge) tag. Inserting personalisation tags (for

example, Dear [first name]) can be done in the Editor. See the section on the

Editor for more details.

All recipients opting out or unsubscribing from a mailing list are added to the blocklist, which is found on every account.