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Managing Email Address and Mailing Lists


Email addresses are organized in mailing lists. In the previous section, we explained how you could add email addresses to a mailing list. In this section, we’ll explain how you can remove an email address from a mailing list and how you can copy or move an email address to a new list.


It is important to mention that someone can add themselves to one of your mailing lists by subscribing to it via the subscription form located on your website or any web page (see the Subscription Form section for more info). They can also subscribe via the subscribe link in the footer of your newsletters (see the Footer/Header Set-up section for more


info). If someone has subscribed to your mailing list using a GraphicMail subscription form, we will record the time and date that they subscribed, as well as the IP address.

Each email address in a mailing list is assigned a status code that tells you information

about the address:


o(OK) This code is assigned to correct, active email addresses that have been imported into the mailing list.

o        (HB) = Hard Bounce this code is assigned to invalid email addresses.

These are email addresses from unknown users or domains. When

GraphicMail sends to a mailing list, it DOES NOT send to emails marked as


o(S) = Subscription this code is assigned to all email addresses that subscribed to your mailing using your subscription form. GraphicMail records the date, time and IP address of the subscribing email address.
o(U) = Unsubscribed – this code is assigned to all email addresses that have unsubscribed from your mailing list. When GraphicMail sends to a mailing list, it DOES NOT send to emails marked as U.
o(SP) = Subscription Pending – this code is only relevant if you are using a double opt-in subscription process. It is temporarily assigned to someone who subscribes and has been sent the ‘confirm your subscription’ email. When they click on the link in that email and confirm their subscription,

their status will change to S2.

o(S2) = Double Opt-in Subscription – if someone has completed the double opt-in process, they will be marked as S2.


On the ‘Manage Mailing List’ page, you will see two windows. You can use this page to preview different mailing lists and to move or copy emails between the two lists.




Navigation within a mailing list

Addresses in a mailing list are always displayed in alphabetical order. If a mailing list has more than

1 000 addresses, they are grouped alpha-numerically from A-Z and 0-9. If you want to

preview a particular alphanumeric grouping in the list, click on the number or letter.


There is also a search field at the bottom of the column. You can do exact or partial searches to return queries within the selected mailing list. For more powerful searches across multiple lists, use the ‘Search / Export’ menu.


Moving, copying and deleting email addresses

To copy or move email addresses between lists, you need to select the addresses you want to move. Use Shift+click to select a list of email addresses, or Control+click to select a few individual email addresses.


If you are moving or copying email addresses from one list to another, make sure the correct ‘from’ and ‘to’ mailing lists are selected in each column.



Editing an email address

If you want to change an email address or its status, select the email address, click ‘edit’, make the change and then click ‘save’.