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Menus and Navigation

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This Chapter will explain the Menus and Navigation inside of BPAA's Customer Connect.




Customer Connect Menu screen



Home: Home  is here the control panel will be.
Customers: The Customers tab is where new customers are added and edited.
Groups: The Groups tab is where you will add and edit various Interest groups as well as Organizations.
Leagues: The Leagues tab is where you will view your various leagues. Both USBC and Non-Sanctioned leagues can be entered.
Events: The Events tab is where you will add and edit various events that you are hosting both in center and across multiple centers.
Marketing: The Marketing tab is where you View, Edit and run your marketing programs. These include Email Marketing , Text Marketing, Mailing and Call Campaigns.
Reports: The Reports tab is where you will run the reports such as Birthday List, People List, Intent to Return Reports and League Rosters.
Tools and Settings: The Tool and Setting tabs is where your program settings are made such as User Accounts Importing of Data, Name Sources as well as Marketing Program settings.