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Modify Datasets

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Modifying a dataset


If you want to add, remove or change the fields in an existing dataset, you can do this.






Our system allows 2 + 25 fields for your dataset – two default fields (email and mobile number) and 25 editable fields.


To add a field:

1. Fill in the column name, e.g., name, address.

2. Select the field type.

3. Select the attributes.

4. Fill in the default values.


After completing your data fields, save your settings.



To edit a field:

1. Change any option in the dataset.

2. Click on 'save'.


To delete a field:

1. Delete any field names that you do want in your dataset by highlighting the field names and pushing ‘delete’.

2. If you have deleted any field names, ensure that you copy and paste remaining field

names in their place so that all empty columns are at the bottom. If there are empty columns in the middle of the dataset, you may have difficulties when importing.

3. Click on 'save'.


Please Note: To remove a field, you first need to export your existing data. Delete the field you want to remove, manually re-enter the fields below it and then re-import your

.CSV data file. See Import and Export functions below.