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Multiple List Send

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Multiple List Sending


If you want to send the same email to multiple lists, you can do it through a single interface to avoid the hassle of having to send it multiple times.


When doing a multiple list send, GraphicMail will automatically dedupe the lists prior to sending. This way, if an email address is on more than one list, they only receive a single email.


The report on the send will be as for a single send, not for each individual list.




Use Ctrl+click' to select the lists you would like to send. Then click on ‘Update Totals’ to dedupe and merge the lists prior to sending



Send to Segment

Select a segmented mailing list that you have previously created in the subscriber segmentation tool. Fill in your from e-mail and name, the subject newsletter, the

newsletter folder and then the newsletter.


You have the option of attaching files or embedding images in your email. You can also choose to a text-only version of the newsletter.


A/B Split Testing

Use A/B split testing to experiment with your email campaigns. Send a split test to a percentage of your mailing list to find out which type of newsletter or subject line is most popular with your subscribers.


You need to have a minimum of 20 subscribers on your mailing list to conduct an A/B split test.


Creating a test


Click the green plus sign to create a new test. Provide a name for the test and choose whether you are testing the subject line or email newsletter.


You must have already created the newsletters you’d like to test and saved them to your account.


Choose different newsletters for A and B. If you’d like to test more than one newsletter at

a time, select “another email newsletter”. Provide a name and email address that will go in the “from” line in your sent emails. Select the appropriate mailing list, schedule a date and time for the test, a percentage to send to and the winning criteria.


You can then either automatically send the winner to the remainder of the list or send manually.


Choose the time after which you’d like to compare the results for your test send. The results of your tests will be saved over time.