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Phone List

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Adding mobile numbers


When typing in mobile numbers, make sure you include the country prefix.


If you are importing mobile numbers, make sure that the format of the files is consistent with the configuration you have set in ‘Import Settings’. Differences between your import settings and the data format in the files you are importing will cause errors. To access ‘Import Settings’, click on the link in the table in the left-hand column.


Here you need to define:

1. The country to which you send the majority of your SMSes.

2. The length of telephone numbers in that country (not including any international dialing codes, but including the country codes).

3. The character set for your text messages.

4. The format you want mobile numbers displayed in your Address Book.


If you want to define your own import filters because you send your SMSes to more than one country, please contact customer support.


If you are uploading data with your mobile numbers, make sure that the field names in your Excel sheet correspond with those you have set up in your dataset.