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You can change between using one of your datasets and the default dataset called Address Book. To make the change, simply select your option by selecting the appropriate radio button, and click on the ‘save’ button.




Subscriber Segmentation

Subscriber segmentation is a way to target a group of clients who fit a specific profile. The segmentation tool allows users to divide a mailing list into groups of clients who have similar interest categories, purchasing behaviour or demographics. The purpose of this feature is to get the right data to the audience that is most likely to respond.


Creating a segment

Click “add new segment”. Select the address book that contains the recipient information you wish to use. Then, select which mailing list you would like those addresses to be saved to. Now, decide what type of information is appropriate for segmentation.


Your subscription forms and the subscriber segementation tool are linked, so when you create additional data fields for sign-up forms, that information is added to the segmentation page. You can then use this information to create more precise segments.


Manage segments

Edit, delete or view the details of segments you have created. To edit a segment, click on the paper and pencil icon. Add more subscribers to the segmented list by again selecting

which address book you’d like the data to come from and then selecting the appropriate mailing list. Choose segmentation data with the drop-down data fields.


Once you have finished modifying your segmented lists, preview and save your changes.


Triggered updates

A triggered update makes an update to a dataset column when a subscriber clicks on a link or opens an email. This is useful to set-up an RSVP. It allows you to populate an

attendance column in your dataset with Yes or No depending on which link the subscriber

clicks on.


Create new triggers

Select either “Email open” or “Link click”, depending on which trigger you’d like to make. Fill in the name of your trigger.


For a newsletter opening, you must select the appropriate newsletter, the dataset you’d like updated and the field you’d like updated within the dataset and the text value.


For a link click trigger, choose a name, the link you’d like to know about, the dataset, the field from the dataset and the text value. Note, you must have already created and saved links that you will or have used in your newsletters.


Click save when you have entered the appropriate details in the information boxes. The information gathered from your triggered updates will be saved under the “Reports & Statistics” tab.