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Publishing Options


Social Share

Publish your email newsletters to your social accounts such as Twitter. So you can simply channel your marketing efforts into new networks (the online word of mouth).

Sharing your content through social networks makes it easy for your followers to access

and share with their contacts, so your audience keeps growing. This is what we call smart publishing.


Note: Social share is available for Twitter, MySpace and Facebook only.


GraphicMail also has its own URL abbreviation service, GMtiny. As Twitter limits you to

140 characters per tweet, GMtiny will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter, cutting down lengthy URLs to only a few characters.


Setting up Social Share

To access GraphicMail’s social share feature, you must first have a social share account. In the social share tab, click on “new social account/s”, then “add new connection” and enter your name, Twitter or Facebook username and password. Select the newsletter you’d like to share.