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Query Data

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Query a Dataset


This function allows you to segment your client data based on the specific query you design. You can save this query to a new mailing list and then target a particular demographic with a focused mailing.


You can query against whatever data you have in your dataset. If it's an address book, you could query for a particular state or zip code. The possibilities are limited only by the data available in your dataset.


An example


Let's say you wanted to send emails to all female English speakers on your list. The query would look as follows:



In the above exercise, the data is being queried for where the gender is equal to female

and the language is equal to English.


The results display the total number of records that match the query and the application will give you a preview of the first few records.


Defining a query


First select the dataset you would like to query.



Then define the query. You do this by:


1. Selecting the data field name (or column) that you would like to run the query against.


2. Selecting the qualifier you would like to apply to that data field. Qualifiers can be equal to, not equal to, like or not like.


3. Defining the query term that you are looking for, or looking to exclude, depending upon your qualifying statement. The query term has to be one of the data variables stored

under the selected field name.


You can define up to four more qualifying statements.

When the entire query has been defined, click on 'preview results'. You can save these results to a new or existing mailing list.