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Reports and Statistics

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Reports and Statistics


GraphicMail will show you how many of your emails were delivered, how many were opened and what links were clicked on. Simply click on ‘Reports and Statistics’.


You will see a list of your most recent sends and top-level overview statistics on each of them: the number sent, delivered, opened; the number of links clicked; the number of times an email was forwarded by a recipient, and the number of recipients opting out (unsubscribing).
















To see graphs and more details, click on the magnifying glass icon.



You will see graphical representations of how many people received your email, how many people opened it, and how many people took an action – that is, clicked on a link, forwarded it, unsubscribed or complained. There will also be a graph showing you the reasons why emails didn’t get delivered.


In the tables on the right-hand side of the page, some of the categories will be hyperlinks. If you click on them, they will take you to a list of the email addresses relating to that category. For example, by clicking on ‘Opened’, you will see the list of recipients who opened your email.



GraphicMail automatically tags the addresses of individuals who have unsubscribed, so that they will not be sent to again. GraphicMail also adds these addresses to your account’s blocklist to ensure that should you accidentally import one of the email addresses to another list, they will not receive an email from your company. The blocklist is a suppression list of email addresses that GraphicMail will not send to.


Not delivered addresses – Hard bounces

Hard bounces are emails that cannot be delivered because there is a problem with the email address itself. ‘User unknown’ or ‘Domain unknown’ are examples of hard bounces. A hard bounce is usually the result of a misspelling, but it can also be due to the recipient retiring that particular email address or domain. If GraphicMail determines an email address to be a hard bounce, it is automatically tagged as such within the list and that email address will not be sent to in the future.



Not delivered addresses – Soft bounces

Soft Bounces are emails that cannot be delivered because something temporarily does not allow GraphicMail to deliver the email. This may be because the recipient’s mailbox was full; the email was blocked by a server-level spam filter, or any number of additional

reasons. These email addresses will remain on your list for future sends.


Links clicked

If you want to see what links were clicked, click on the ‘clicked’ link under ‘Of the total who opened.



A page will show all the links in your email that were clicked and the number of times each was clicked.


If you want to export a PDF of the graphs, click the ‘export (PDF)’ link.


The reports for any given send will continue to update for up to a week after the send, but, depending on the day of the week, you can expect initial results within 24 hours and close to final results within 48 hours.


You can always drill down to see the details of email addresses which opened, clicked, forwarded or unsubscribed. If the mailing is less than two weeks old, you can see this level of detail for delivered and non-delivered emails. After two weeks, we remove this level of detail.




Exporting reports

Detailed email address reports can be exported to an Excel document. Simply find the report you want to export and click on ‘export selected sends’.


Targeting future sends based upon reports

You can save the email addresses in a report to a new mailing list. For instance, if you want to send a follow-up mailing to everyone who opened a newsletter, you can save all

email addresses that opened the newsletter to a new list. Click on the report link (i.e.

'opened') to see a list of email addresses that opened the newsletter.



Underneath the list of addresses, you have the option to copy the addresses to a new or existing mailing list.