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Schedule a Send

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Schedule your Sends


So you are going to be away from the office, but you want your send to go out at a particular date and time of the week? GraphicMail makes it easy to schedule your sends.


You can schedule a once-off send, or a recurring send if you want an email to go out at the same time every week.




Like all sends, you need to complete the necessary details: ‘From’ name, ‘reply to’ email and subject line.

The icon enables you to personalize the ‘from’ field and the subject line. An ‘Insert

Data Field’ pop-up window appears. Use the drop-down menu to select the dataset, and then choose the field and copy to the clipboard. Place your cursor at the beginning of the

‘Subject line’ and press Ctrl+V’. A field appears that you can personalize, for example, if you put ‘Hello <GMxxx.1>First Name</GM>’, the relevant first name associated with the

email address will be placed in the from field or subject line.

Then set your send date and time. If it’s a recurring send, you need to select at what frequency you would like the repeat send of the email to occur.


Finally, select the email that you want GraphicMail to send. If it’s a recurring send, you can instruct GraphicMail to fetch a web page and send that as your email. This is often done for sites sending variable data daily, such as interest rates or currency rates, to subscribers.


Note: check your general settings under Setup & Options to see if your time zone is set correctly.



You can always change or delete a scheduled send by clicking on the edit or delete icons.







You can schedule a recurring mailing for up to 100 days.

Make sure that the ‘Active’ tick box is selected to enable the schedule send.