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Send Test

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Send Test


Test sends are imperative. They are the only way to see how an email appears in the various email clients. Test with as many email clients as possible prior to sending your email newsletter.



Enter the ‘To (email)’ email address or addresses you will send your email to. If it is more than one email address, simply put a semi-colon between entries. You can change the ‘to’ email address each time you send a test, but it will default to your account username with each new test.


Enter the ‘From (email)’ email address. This will be the ‘from’ address seen by the recipient.


Enter the ‘From (name)’. This is the ‘sender’ name that will appear in the email client. Enter the ‘Subject’. This is the subject line the client will see.

This menu also allows you to check the likelihood of the email getting caught in a spam filter. To check this, click on ‘check spam score’.  We will generate a report by sending a copy of the email through Spam Assassin. Since we actually have to send the email to an inbox to get this score, it may take a few minutes to return the score. The score is rules- based, with each rule being worth a penalty point assessment. Sends below 3.0 are usually not classified as spam. If you get above that, try to refine your email, including the subject line, to get as low a spam score as possible. The report should only be used as a yardstick

– a low score will not guarantee that your email will get past all spam filters.


Remember, test emails are free and you can never test too much. Once your final newsletter has been mailed, it is in the public domain and you cannot get it back. It makes sense to check, and check again.