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Send To Mailing List

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Sending to a Mailing List


Sending is easy.






Enter the ‘To (email)’ email address or addresses you will send your email to. If it is more than one email address, simply put a semi-colon between entries. You can change the ‘to’ email address each time you send a test, but it will default to your account username with each new test.


Enter the ‘From (email)’ email address. This will be the ‘from’ address seen by the recipient.


Enter the ‘From (name)’. This is the ‘sender’ name that will appear in the email client. Enter the ‘Subject’. This is the subject line the client will see.

The icon enables you to personalize the ‘from’ field and the subject line. An ‘Insert

Data Field’ pop-up window appears. Use the drop-down menu to select the dataset, and then choose the field and copy to the clipboard. Place your cursor at the beginning of the

‘Subject line’ and press Ctrl+V’. A field appears that you can personalize, for example, if

you put ‘Hello <GMxxx.1>First Name</GM>’, the relevant first name associated with the email address will be placed in the ‘from’ field or subject line.



Finally, select the folder and newsletter you wish to send. Make sure you check the preview pane to confirm you have selected the correct one.


If you only want to send a text-only version of the email, tick the box next to ‘send text version only’. Ensure that you have created a text-only version before attempting to send one.



Sending the newsletter

After clicking ‘send’, you will see a pop-up window, which confirms the newsletter, subject and other details of the send. Please review all of these details to make sure they correct. If you click OK’ at this point, there is no turning back. If you see an error, click ‘cancel’

and make the corrections before returning to send.


Within 10 minutes of clicking ‘send’, the first emails will be delivered. Be patient with large mailing lists – it may take a few minutes to queue the email for the send.



GraphicMail has immediate send and delayed-send scheduling capabilities. These scheduling options are available in Advanced Mode under ‘Send Newsletter’.