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Sending your Emails and Newsletter


GraphicMail has immediate and scheduled sending capabilities.


Send a newly designed newsletter to yourself to preview what the design will look like. Then send it again to make sure all is well. Once you mail it to your list, it's gone. Try it, as much as you like, test sends are free.


By clicking the Update Profile link from the email footer, the recipient can manage their subscription. They can unsubscribe, change the newsletters they subscribe to, and change any of the contact details stored in your Address Book.


GraphicMail sends an individual email to each recipient on the mailing list. Emails are sent one by one. Each email is addressed individually and not sent as a blind carbon copy (BCC).


Emails are small and quick to download because the images in the newsletter are not sent, but are served in the same way as images on a website. GraphicMail offers the facility to embed images in the email, so that they are viewable immediately when an email is opened. Since this requires more bandwidth, there is an additional charge for the service.


GraphicMail automatically manages your lists. Invalid email addresses (hard bounces) are automatically deleted from sends. Recipients who have unsubscribed or opted out are also automatically removed from your list, so they will not receive any future mailings.