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Subscriber Datasets - Manage Data

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Setting up Data Options


GraphicMail comes with a selection of predefined attributes you can select from:

Drop-downs:  Country, Gender, Industry, Job Function, Job title, Title and US States. Tick boxes:  Languages.

Radio Buttons: Yes/No.


GraphicMail also allows you to input attributes for a field type you want to add to your dataset. You can create your own drop-downs, tick boxes or radio buttons and set the values associated with them.


To add new attributes, click on ‘add new data options’. You then need to give your data option a name – in the example below we use ‘Music genre’.



After naming the data option, select the field types, e.g. drop-down, tick box or radio button. Then select the number of options you want. This is the number of attributes. You then need to fill in the attributes – in this instance classical, jazz and opera.








Once you have defined an attribute, you can select it within your dataset.