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Subscription Form

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Subscription Form


If you want more control over the configuration of your subscription form than is provided in the Subscription Form Wizard (see the Express Manual for information about the Subscription Form Wizard), this is available in Advanced Mode.


Each account has a subscription form which can be accessed by appending a link to the footer of your outgoing emails or embedding a link on a page on your website.


You can design the subscription form so that it conforms to your company identity by choosing the colors, fonts and images to be displayed.


The form set-up is broken down into six sections: Page set-up, Form header, Form footer, Field displayed on the form, Mailing Lists displayed on the form and Opt-in standards. To make a change to the form, simply click on [+] next to the appropriate section.


Once your subscription form is customized to your liking, you can link it to your website or embed it in a web page. Please see the subsequent sections for more information on how to link or embed your subscription form.


If you want to collect additional information from your subscribers, you need to specify the data you wish to collect in your Address Book or a dataset. You can then select which fields you want displayed in your subscription form using the ‘Form Fields’ sub-menu. Simply expand the ‘Form Fields’ section, select the Address Book or dataset in which the form fields are contained, and then tick the box next to the field you want to include.


If you want to give subscribers the ability to subscribe to more than one mailing list, expand the ‘Mailing List’ section and tick the box for each list you want to display on the form.