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View by Mailing List

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View by Mailing List


If you want an overview of the performance of a list across many sends, as compared to just a given send or campaign, GraphicMail can provide this. Simply select the mailing list for which you want to receive a report.


You will see a table with the results of the last three sends you made to the list, a pie chart illustrating the current make-up of the list, and graphs comparing various statistics over

the last 10 sends.


If you want to see details of the recipients that took an action (opened, clicked, forwarded) from one of your sends, simply click on the relevant link in the table. Likewise, if you want to see who unsubscribed from your list, click on that link in the table. And if you want to see the hard bounced addresses in the list, click on that link.



The mailing list breakdown gives you an overview of what is going on in a mailing list.





You can customize the overview graph to display in the format (line, 3D bar or 2D bar) that you prefer. You can also specify that it show either one of GraphicMail’s comparison graphs (Delivery, Open or Bounce), or create your own graph by selecting the parameters that you would like displayed.